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Pro Panel on COVID-19

Episode Notes

Experts are predicting that the month of April will bring even more cases of COVID-19 across the country. With social distancing guidelines extended, public relations practitioners will need to continue to adjust their communications plans. 

Robert gathers eight PR Nation contributors who discuss best practices for navigating PR during the pandemic. This pro panel includes:

And John O’Dwyer delivers the latest PR news headlines as reported by the O’Dwyer’s PR newsroom in New York City.


COVID-19 Communication Repertoire

PRCA Mental Health Toolkit

Don't Let COVID-19 Headlines Delay Your Job Search

Contributor: Cody Kennedy

Contributor: Dr. Adrienne Wallace

Contributor: Brian Rackham

Contributor: Sarah Shelson

Contributor: Dr. Gina Luttrell

Contributor: Jason Mollica

Contributor: Dr. Amanda Holdsworth

Contributor: Brandon Johnson

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