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Virtual Parades and Sloppy Writing

Episode Notes

When Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade organizers announced the event this year would be produced as a television show rather than a live experience, we decided it was time to talk turkey – about going virtual and the best way to ensure your production is successful.

Strategist John Wall has evaluated lots of virtual events forced by the COVID-19 virus, sharing with Robert his tips for those still wondering if it’s worth it to attempt any online gatherings before the pandemic subsides.

Also, longtime copy editor Rob Reinalda joins Robert for a discussion about his snarky new book, “Why Editors Drink.” The two discuss the most common writing foibles Reinalda suffered during his career editing others' copy.


Guest: John Wall

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Guest: Rob Reinalda

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Grammar Girl

Amazon: Dreyer's English

Amazon: Bad Advice

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